Saturday, July 14, 2018


If it weren't for the cutting edge comedy of Grammy winners Richard "Cheechs" Marin and Tommy Chong back in the early 70's, I wouldn't be doing this blog.

As a boomer ( but, never a stoner ) with sick humor,  I can still laugh at the 1973  Cheechs and Chong recording of Sister Mary Elephant. After the pious nun screams at her class of annoying students, "Class---- Shut Up!", one dude yells out, "I gotta go to the can!",  followed by some pot head in the background mumbling "far out."

Fast forward 45 years later. At least half the states in the country have already legalized cannabis for  various uses, so "don't bogart that joint (yet) my friend"!

States that have legalized cannabis love it!  I mean the taxes! I assume the Feds will figure a way to create special cannabis tax soon enough.  The President's personal physician may even suggest this as a way for him to "chill out" and to become more appealing worldwide.

Even though my fair state of Minnesota has yet to legalize cannabis,  creative boomers will find a way to indulge in their happy hour wine before dinner with a pairing of cannabis. They may even risk crossing state lines to get a prescription for a case of hemorrhoids or something from Dr. Feelgood.  It's a happening man!

With the golden years upon us, boomers soon will be able to  "mellow out" legally here.  It'll be a  "twoforyouphoria"* - a nice glass of wine and a brownie at cocktail hour!!✌

Speaking strictly for myself, by the time I move into Memory Loss Manor or Please Cut My Toenails 
Place, I might even have a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and a brownie before bedtime. Far out!!!

The 4 minute utube version of Sister Mary Elephant above brings back memories of the early '70's of  Void, Elder & Mother, Bullsey, Cold Head and I😊

*twoforyouphoria - definition: "two substances available for human consumption which provide a good feeling. Now under consideration by several on-line alternative dictionaries.