Wednesday, January 6, 2010



Because of a large budget overage, the State of North Dakota will start an aggressive marketing campaign promoting winter tourism beginning January 15th. With 180 days of cold and snow, NoDak should be able to compete with Utah and Colorado for the skiing crowd. Coupled with legalized gambling, the night life should be second only to Las Vegas. This should be on your "bucket list", if nothing else.

The Marketing Department of the North Dakota Department of Tourism (MDNDDT) has just sent out the following Lettermanish Top 10 Reasons to Vacation this Winter in NoDak to all major television networks for immediate release.

#10 - You can ride the rails to NoDak. There are 7 Amtrak Stations to choose from. They include Fargo, Grand Forks, Devils Lake, Rugby, Stanley, Minot, and Williston. There is no rail service to the State Capitol of Bismark at this time. Check with the airplane people.

#9----If you prefer to drive, you can get there by car as well. You'll find gas available in the same towns served by Amtrak, as well as Bismark.

#8----With no cell towers between those 7 major metro areas and Bismark, you can enjoy your NoDak outdoors adventure without text or cell call interruptions.

# 7--- With an average of 10 people per square mile statewide and the extreme cold, you shouldn't be pestered by street people looking for handouts.

#6----If you disappear while cross country skiing or snowshoeing, there's a good chance your body will be preserved until they find you when the snow starts to melt in mid May.

#5----If you want to share your NoDak experience on your blog, you may have an exclusive.

#4----Median temps statewide range from 2 - 7 degrees F in January. After a fun day of downhill skiing at one of our 4 ski hills, relax at one of the many our friendly lodges staring at the fireplace and watching the movie Fargo, or the city Fargo if you prefer.

#3 ----Lodging here is really cheap in comparison to Vail. Amtrak is also offering all inclusive vacation packages of transportation, lodging, food, drink, and slot machine tokens.

#2-----Got guts? Try some exclusive NoDak extreme winter sports. Test your mettle with the over the edge two hour snowmobile para sailing in Velva. Or how about running with the pesky snow jackalope (related to the forrest jackalope shown above)for a full day around Jamestown.

#1 -----you'll love it out here so much, you may wish to relocate. NoDak is not only a great place to vacation, but a great place to live. We have jobs here and lots of wide open spaces.

On a personal note, as much as I'd like to be a part of this great travel experience I committed earlier to spend some time in Florida and cruising the Caribbean this winter. Perhaps next year. Like to hear back from anyone who heads to NoDak for this winter fun and especially anyone who was able to run with the elusive jackalope.

Stay warm!!!

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