Sunday, January 3, 2010

New York to Host First Ever Cheated on Wives of Politicians Expo

Organizers have announced the first ever Cheated on Wives of Politicians Expo to be held at New York's Javitts Center March 15th. According to Chairwoman Silda Spitzer the date was selected to coincide with the anniversary date of her ex-best friend Elliot Spitzer"s fall from grace in 2009. Trying to sidestep the past she focused on more current cheaters stating with authority, "Since his screw up, there have been other well known cheating politicos who have been caught with their pants down, including Sneaky Sanford (referring to South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford) and Mr. Big from The Good Wife just to name a few".

"Scientific polls show that for the American woman of voting age, cheating politicians have overtaken jobs, sagging real estate values, and the War on Terrorism as the main problem the United States has to rectify", according to Hilary Clinton (current Secretary of State, ex Governor of New York, ex cheated on political wife). "I think the time has come for all deceived political Divas regardless of party affiliation to come together in a show of unity". Mrs. Clinton will be delivering Saturday's keynote speech entitled "Do You Know What Slick Willy Has Been Up To?".

A wide variety of bonding activities are planned for the three day event. Friday's Opening will include a live appearance by Connie Francis of 60's fame kicking things off with an uplifting medley of her biggest 60's hits including Lipstick on Your Collar, Every body's Some body's Fool and Who's Sorry Now. Original footage of her belting out some of her hit songs dressed in a poodle skirt can be seen on UTube, if you are having trouble remembering her.

My Lady's Lost Libido World, a major co-sponsor of the Expo will offer a wide range of sale priced items in the "The Garden of Tears" in the lower level of the Center. All sale items are designed to keep the cheat in the male homo sapian in check. Live demonstrations of the brand new male chastity nut cup with a high frequency long range variable pain setting remote control zapper will be held throughout the show. Lost Libido is in need of male models to demonstrate this product during the Expo. If you plan on attending and have someone you'd like to volunteer, get in touch with our staff at 1-800-UPY-OURS.

Further details of the Expo will be released on this exclusive blog in February. For advance ticket information please E-Mail:

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