Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Former President Bill Clinton has been added to the list of prominent cheating politicians attending the first ever Cheated on Wives of Politicians Expo to be held at New York's Javitts Center March 12-14. Known for many exploits while serving his country, President Clinton will perform a saxophone solo of his theme song Me and Mrs. (Miss) Jones. The song was first recorded in 1972 by Billy Paul, a one hit wonder and later adopted by Clinton as "Paula's Song". Clinton will perform to a sold out crowd Sunday at 2 P.M. in the SOB amphitheatre.

Nancy Sinatra has also been added to perform These Boots are Made for Walking in the Main Gym Closing Ceremony Sunday evening. A mural of the most prominent political cheats since Thomas Jefferson will be painted on the gym floor for attendees to stomp on each time each time Ms. Sinatra's refrain of "One of These Days these Boots will Walk All Over You" is screamed out.

Finally, John Edwards has come out of hiding and will lead an exercise class Jogging in Place with Your Favorite John. Edwards will mimic his dash from the Beverly Hilton Hotel in '08 when reporters for the National Enquirer chased the half naked Edwards down the hotel hallways trying to find out who the lady in his bed was. John now refers to himself jokingly as an also ran.

Please note the correct dates of the event are March 12-14, not March 15th as earlier reported in the January 3rd announcement of the Expo. An up-to-date schedule can be viewed on www.crymeariver.com

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