Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Parents Should be Sent to Jail for Fighting at Children's Sporting Events

Just weeks following the beating of an official by an irate parent of one of the players of a 6th grade Burnsville, Minnesota basketball team over a disputed call, similar violence erupted again in a northern suburban pre school. This time, the fight took place between an out of control parent at Olympic Days in the 4-5 year old class room at Northside Pre School with the Classroom teacher and another parent.

(Northside Classroom after Parent Brawl)

Olympic Days is the first, and may be the last activity of it's kind at Northside. The name was chosen to illustrate the spirit of the International Olympics just held in Vancouver B.C. A witness, reluctant to give her name stated, "the kids all understood the spirit of the games. That father just never got it ". The father, has been identified only by the nicknames of "Mr. Testosterone" or "Big T". Police have responded to several complaints of domestic disturbances at his home since 2005, but no arrests have ever been made.

The fighting took place mid morning on March 1st in the classroom of Ms. Moroney, who's been a teacher at the school for six years. According to her principal. Mr. Jarvis Gervaris "Ms. Moroney is dedicated to the success of all of her students. She's wonderful to work with and the kids just love her".

According to a teachers aid on duty, "Big T" became very agitated after his son lost in a sack race to a younger girl. "Big T" yelled at his son " don't let that girlie push you around you sissy". Ms. Moroney went over and politely cautioned "Big T" that his behavior was not acceptable, trying to keep it light joking that, "if he kept it up he'd have to take a time out in the cloak room". Minutes later his son lost in the final round of Musical Chairs to the twin brother of the little girl. "Big T" screamed "cheaters" as he rushed towards the boy in the winning chair, knocking over his own son en route. Ms. Moroney stepped in front of "Big T" and was pushed to the ground, fracturing the wrist of her paper grading hand.

It was then that the twin's father, who's name is being withheld at this time, hurtled across the room taking "Big T" to the mats. It didn't take long for the one time college wrestler to win the match with all of the little people cheering the "good dad" on. It ended quickly for "Big T". Police arrived within seconds and put him in handcuffs. He was lead outside to a waiting police car to a chorus of boos, including those from his own son.

A District Attorney spokesperson told reporters that "Big T" likely will be facing multiple charges as early as Monday. Initially he will be charged with being a real dunce, which usually carries some form of community service. In this instance, the punishment would likely be 6 months of eating with Ms. Moroney's students in those little chairs during snack time, cleaning up the mess at the little lunch tables, and providing whatever help is needed when the students need to go potty. When not working with the little cherubs, he will be have to wear a dunce cap monitor, similar to an ankle monitoring bracelet which will track his presence at all times. Seems that this form of rehabilitation has worked in similar situations, but in some instances the offender has preferred to take the recommended 5 year jail term.

There is also speculation that the Courts will insist he be banned from using the street name of "Mr. Testosterone" and that the shortened street name of "Big T" be officially be changed to "Little T". Social workers believe that a change in identity like this will help in his overall rehabilitation, bringing out the softer side of this man and make him more kid friendly. Assuming he will go along with the community service punishment and work with Ms. Moreney's 4-5 year olds, the kids over time will likely forget the old "Big T" and think that "Little T" is an entirely different person - a gentle caring man one who really cares about kids.


It was not too hard to come up with a news pimp after the recent incident in Burnsville of the Basketball Commissioner of a 6th Grade team being assaulted by an rabid pit bull parent. At first I thought that 6th grade was a bit young for this to happen, but what the heck -- as society continues to "lower the bar" for appropriate behavior, I figured it could happen.

Both in Burnsville and at Northside, the unjustifiable threatening act was not just directed at an individual(s), but at the thousands of well meaning volunteers and families from all walks of life who are willing to give their time and energy to keep in tact what should be a safe haven for young people ---- fun & games.

We've all seen bad behavior of some form coming from parents at sporting events. The parent in the baseball stands that is constantly mocking the calls of a first time 15 year old umpire. The soccer parent swearing at referees over a disputed play, fighting between parents at basketball games.

And the excuses that are given for such poor behavior vary-- rough day at work, he drinks too much, he lost his wife, he lost his job, he lost his license, his dog, his car, or hairpiece. He grew up in a bad neighborhood or he's had it his way all is life. In "T's" case, he may have lost a sports bet on his kid in Vegas. Honestly, I really don't care.

Face it, not everyone is living the American Dream, but taking one's problems out in this type of venue on innocent people is just plain unacceptable and has to stop. It may sound somewhat radical, but if you look at how the FBI defines terrorism, this might be an appropriate charge for crimes like this someday. To all the moms, dads, kids, officials, referees who are exposed to these intimidating acts, they are just that -- acts of terrorism and should be treated as such.

Any thoughts you might have re: this problem, I'd enjoy hearing from you!!

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