Sunday, March 28, 2010

Where Have You Seen these Guys Before?

A quick note from the writer -- proceed at your own risk:

OK, I am an old guy looking at life through the rear view mirror. Worse than that, I'm afraid that aging has limited my ability to "roll with the punches" and sometimes what maybe is petty to others may rub me the wrong way. However, like my wife who gets annoyed with me over such petty things as not leaving the toilet seat down, there are times that I just need to "vent".

Please be patient with me as I try to express my frustration with one of those petty things which has been bugging me for a long time. As my dad used to refer to himself as a "prophet without honor in his own country", I am more like him than I care to admit at this time in life.

Thanks for taking the risk and reading ---- Green Scallions

For the life of me, I can't place where I've seen these guys before. I kind of recognize the three in the bottom row, but the other three are generic. Are the guys in back are puppeteers? Maybe the three on the bottom are trying out for parts in the soon to be released Muppet movie? See how the right handed wrist twist of the Muppeteers control bad body language of those Muppet wanabees.

Or was this the NCAA press conference for the coaches of the #1 seeded team which lost to #64? The head coach on the right looks defensive. Will his Assistant Coach, the creepy grinner in middle, get his job after the news conference?

Could it be Simon's replacement and new judges for next year's American Idol? Your team of financial advisers in 11/08? How about the Usual Suspects? Is the guy on the left with the bad orange tie James Taylor?

Give up? OK, these are Congressional members of the current United States Government. This group of six is in the minority party -- the opposition party, the out of favor party. They are Republicans. This picture was taken at a recent State of the Union Address and you can tell by their expressions and body language that they are unhappy with their Democratic counterparts.

But slow down now you Democrats. Just because those Republicans are annoying me by the look of contempt on their mugs with you, this is not my endorsement of you or your programs. Please Nancy P and Joe "Big --- Deal" Biden, just stay seated and don't applaud. You'll create a tsunami for the other Democrats and interrupt my readers. Truth be told, while watching the antics of some our leadership today it's impossible for me to warm up to either the Asses of the left or the paranoid Pachyderms.

During the State of the Union Address, seems every time our President breathes the VP and Speaker of the House rise to their feet applauding, leading the wave for the majority party in the Chambers. Almost like they have elected the latest American Idol. The eyes of the world watch on TV as the Democrats go about high fiving one another while the losers sulk, awaiting their time to take control.

Some day, Republicans will be in back favor, and the Democrats will be out. The thing that will remain constant is the looks of disdain on the faces of the then out of favor Democrats and the grinning of the then winning Republicans. Just roll back the video to 2004, 2006 and see the disgruntled looks of the Democrats - Nancy, Joe, Chris and watch the fist pumping Republicans dancing in the aisles praising themselves as to how right Bushmania was for the USA. Just another State of the Union Address.

So, am I the only voter in the USA who is bothered by having to sit through this Hatfield vs McCoy sideshow at the State of the Union Address?? Maybe it's unrealistic on my part to take issue. True, I have selfish motives. I don't want to waste my time watching the partisan shenanigans that keep me up later than normal just to see my delayed favorite network shows, if they aren't cancelled completely. If we could just eliminate all the cheer leading and panning of those suffering minority members, maybe the viewer could focus on what is being said by the President.

What really concerns me the most though is this screw the other guy impression left by both parties in front of a worldwide audience. Should it be of concern at all? I believe it should be. These combative pictures of our party leaders do nothing more than help fan the flames of partisan polarization.

Just look and listen. Today there seem to more over the top talk shows which spend their time playing up their party by dragging the opposition through a field of manure. I receive more e-mails today just plain trashing the other party. Lately I hear of increasing threats to public officials, more militia groups, more extremists, radicals, etc. ---many of which have their roots planted in the political soil of the USA.

Jousting between parties has been part of U.S. political landscape before I was born and always will be. In some other countries which have openness in their political systems, we may even look like angels in comparison how they handle their disagreements. I understand this and can accept it.

Regardless, neither of these reasons should be used as an excuse for a lack of civility and respect due the opposition, for some very obvious reasons. Our representatives lead by example -- good or bad.

Politicians may see themselves as having been elected to represent their party's interests, but I think the majority of the pubic would prefer to view both Democrats and Republicans as representing the all citizens of this this Country. I certainly would.

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