Friday, July 4, 2014

STREAKERS#2) Should Streaking be Allowed at MLB All Star Game this Year --- Readers Weigh In!!!

The question as to whether Streakers be allowed to perform at the 2011 Major League All Star Game in Anaheim, California in July has created much controversy since my recent article. Never in short lifespan of have the readers written in expressing such strong opinions -- both pro and con. Here is a brief sampling of just a few their thoughts:

From the "Streakers Hall of Fame" in England: "we have not been officially invited, but bloody hell, we belong there if it's going to happen. Brits pretty much invented streaking at rugby & cricket matches. That's why the Hall of Fame is here in jolly old England where it belongs. We can provide female streakers (pictured above having a meltdown at a recent game) or men. We're trying to find Erin Roe, known as 'the Grandmother of Streakers'. She moved to Portugal after she married some years back. Hoping we can catchup with her. Don't be an arse, we need to be there Erin! Cherrio!!"

"Middle Age Hot Mamas" from Mormonville, Utah: "We'll have a whole team there. Just give us the written word. Can our choir sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame? If so, will our husband see all of his wives together naked on TV?"

C.J. from Twin Cities: "Only if Prince can sing the National Anthem naked".

From the Office of the Bud in Milwaukee:  "Against my better judgement, I will let the fans decide the answer on the All Star Ballot. I will not be able to attend the Game this year. I have a two week speaking engagement at Bratwurst Days in Sheboygan, Wisconsin at that time. MLB will supply hand sanitizers for all team members, Umpires, and guests of MLB. Fans and Streakers will be expected to supply their own. MLB is not responsible for anything," -- Your friend Bud.

Message from Tons of Buns who resides in Florida: "I was just given the boot from "Biggest Loser". It got very personal towards the end when some of the women called me lard ass. They were not very sensitive about how that hurt my feelings. I cannot help it that my buttocks measures five axe handles across. Still, if you want someone who is lots of fun and loves to run, just call on me old Tons of Buns." 

Groundskeepers from Angels Stadium in Anaheim, California:  "No Way Jose!! We do not get paid to chase nude Gringos around the field. We don't care if they are sprayed down with Lysol before they streak. This is California and we're all very conservative here. Take the game to Milwaukee youse guys!!!"

From the Office of the Governor of California:  "Can we figure out how to tax these guys? We really need the money out here. If it would help, Maria and I would be willing to give streaking a try. Let us know"! via e-mail: mailto:Arnold@sacramento.govsoffice.state%20of%20Calif.USA.Arnold

Maria from Sacramento:  "I will sleep with a Republican, but I won't run naked with one"!

From the orffice of ASS:  "As you know, the National Headquarters of the American Society of Streakers has filed a formal request with MLB to be a part of this years All Star Game. Most recent communication with MLB Commissoner Bud Selig stated that if the fans vote for it on this year's All Star ballots, we're in. We believe that this is a fair solution and will abide by the vote count.

However, we are requesting in writing that officials of ASS be present for the vote tally. Although we have faith in the Commissioner as being a man of his word, we have been made aware that there is some dissension with the Umpires, Groundskeepers at Angel Stadium who may fix the ballots. Simply put, we can only cover our butts and be there to monitor the vote count".

Text message intercepted between 2 teenage girls:
Zit #1: TISL. Ass dashing in Anaheim at the Allstar Game. LOL! WYD??
Zit #2: STBU!!TRDMC! Isn't your dad doing it?? That BHOF!
Zit #1: OMG!! WDYS?? --- OYSU!! YSU!! SU!!
Zit #2: U slut dewd!!!!! JSU U!
Zit #1: U RCI!!!!! U a SAIM!!!!!!!!!
Zit #2 U R S4B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!U go PO
Zit #1: 2U2 ----OYSU!! YSU!!! SU!!!!! 2 times and never back!!!!!!!!!!!!! U GAP -- GN.
Zit #2: SUYF slut!!!! AAYF, ADBB --- poof.
Zit #1: 182!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From the girl in the picture: "that was not me. I'm Catholic and my bootie is smaller."

From the mother of the 1st Zit and 2nd Zit:  "I have to apologize for my twin daughters. I did not raise them to become teenagers. My lame husband signed up for one of those family text packages, hoping that the girls would become closer with one another. Even though they share the same room, clothes, boyfriends they never talk to one another. So then that leaky 'streak freak' husband of mine got us into this mess. Now they sit on the beds and text one another. Anyway the BOHF is out of my life, off our plan. GR2BR!!! If there are any stray men out there, IPN". -- Horny in Hudson

From the Girl in the Picture Who Denies being in the Picture: I recognize her now. That's Kristy Ally when she was younger!!!

"O" comments -- "If those girls are texting and driving, cut their hands off and send them to me. I'll show them on my "No Text Zone" special on 4/30"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And no, that is not K.A.!!!!!!!!!! TISNF!!!

So, as the responses continue to pour in from around the globe, it would appear that this could go either way. This is no cheesy tea party we're fighting about, so you cannot afford not to take a stand on this issue.
Time is running out. Your voice must be heard.

You can reply to Your comments may be published or ignored, so be nice!!!

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