Tuesday, September 21, 2010

No Yoke, University Study Eggs on Scallions

A recent Minneapolis Strib article couldn't escape Scallions scrutinizing eye for Pulitzer Prize material. The story linked below goes in depth on the findings of critical research done at our State University's School of Business. "Sexy Clothes Sell for Ovulating Women" is anticipated to revolutionize the marketing of women's fashion into the next millennium.

Given the male mysterious gender specific nature of the study, the Strib guy reporter gets a C- for bluffing his understanding of the subject matter. Even Scallions, with a masters degree in Women's Studies specializing in sensitivity would have been awarded a D double minus on this one had I tried to write it.

Regardless, give Strib man extra credit for reassuring all Minnesota taxpayers that our University's research is worth every dollar spent.

Scallion's policy normally does not allow us to link to other articles that may be more pathetic in content than what we write. However, if it makes us feel good, we'll do it anyway.

Please read the August 4, 2010 link below from the Minneapolis Strib - "Sexy Clothes Sell for Ovulating Women".


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