Saturday, September 25, 2010


Much to his credit, Steven Slater the Jet Blue Flight Attendant who openly rebelled against the standard customer service b.s. that the "customer is always right" has become an overnight cult hero. He speaks for many workers who have had to "eat it" in tough times from unappreciative customers, bosses, and whoever "the man" is.

In all honesty, I envy his guts to draw a line in the sand when it comes to this type of abuse in the workplace. Sounds like many others like his actions as well. It's something we wish we could do, but can't quite bring ourselves to do it. Basically, it boils down to cowardice for some, or being more realistic for others.

Will Mr. Slaters actions change anything? I doubt it, simply because 99.99999% of the others in the workplace don't act out like he did. So we cheer for him simply because he took the risk we won't. Like the streaker at the baseball game, it draws alot of hoopla from the fans and media, but it won't change the game of baseball.

Steven reminds me somewhat of a lesser Howard Beale, a TV news broadcaster who spoke for the masses about similar problems in the '70's. Take a couple of minutes and listen to Howard's ranting about the problems then and his simple solution.

Howard may have even been the forefather of the Tea Party. Maybe this is the answer for all of the problems that confront us in 2010???????

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