Monday, December 27, 2010

Minnesota Cross County Ski Legend "Mr. Sluggo on Skis" Disappears in Chanhassen Wilderness

Picture 1 of "Mr. Sluggo on Skis" shown above swearing at paparazzi before fall.

The Twin Cities snow season , which is already at a record level of 33.4 inches for December, has claimed it's first cross country skiing victim. Lars Larson, know throughout Southern Minnesota as "Mr. Sluggo on Skis" disappeared December 26th in a remote Chanhassen area know to locals only as the western highlands slope of Bluff Creek Peak. Cities paparazzi who had been stalking Larson took these exclusive Scallion's time exposed pictures of this tragic event.

Notified by authorities of the bleak situation, Larson's wife of 67 years, Luella was quoted as saying, "Yah, I knew something bad had happened when he didn't show up for his three o'clock coco. This was our ritual after he cross country skied . He knew the risks in the Bluff Creek Peak area and he died like a dumb Norwegian".

Picture 2 above left shows Sluggo toppling into the snowy abyss.

Picture 3 to right shows a struggling Sluggo pushed by snow mass down west ridge of Bluff Creek Peak.

Picture 4 shows Sluggo kicking upside down being sucked into the snowy vortex

When asked about Larson's overall physical condition at the age of 91, Mrs. Larson replied like a stern Scandinavian, "Yah, he went to the exercise club daily doing Yoga, yah. Strong as a bull he was".

Local authorities have called off any searches until the summer due to the extreme weather conditions and are presuming Larson is not alive.

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