Saturday, February 26, 2011

14 Democratic Badger State Senators Hiding in Rockford, Ill. Inspire New Tourism Theme: HIDEAWAY IN ROCKFORD

If Rockford, Illinois can become a winter hideaway for fourteen AOL Democratic Senators from the State of Wisconsin, why can't every Wisconsinite take advantage of the fine things Rockford has to offer as well? The Rockford Office of Tourism immediately tackled the question and decided to badger their neighbors to the north with their innovative Hideaway in Rockford tourism campaign shown here:

"Forget about Rockford's awful reputation of being Gary, Indiana's evil twin to the west. And yes, being rated in major publications since the early '90's as being one of the nation's worst places to reside hasn't helped us either", stated a member the latest of many public relations agencies hoping to elevate the bad image of Rockford.

Dressed in a traditional Rockford wife beater T and sporting a tattoo of Rockford on her right thigh, the new PR princess using her street name of Rocky dug in when questioned about Rockford's reputation, "Hey, we ain't asking no one to live here no more, we just want 'em to get here, spend their money and go away safely. There's lots going on down here even in March, including Rockford Ice Hogs Hockey and that multi-cultural favorite, the "Egg Artists Show", she whimpered exposing a softer side of Rockford which should grab the attention of the female tourist. "And don't forget our diners and bars. That's one of the highlights of our video. We eat and drink alot", she added.

Getting behind the Hideaway in Rockford campaign, a new Escape from Wisconsin electronic billboard is being readied to be installed just a few yards into Illinois on I39S/I90E by the Illinois Department of Transportation. Illinois taxpayers have been promised by political leaders that Rockford's tourist activity will bring in enough new revenue to more than offset the State's $13 billion 2011 deficit. A new toll road exit leading to Rockford from the north with free Wisconsin resident exit lanes is being considered by the Illinois DOT to handle the huge influx of visitors.

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