Monday, December 5, 2011


In the world of journalism, nothing is more rewarding than sharing a story with a happy ending, especially going into the Holidays. This is a true story, a story of true love. Almost as epic as Romeo & Juliet. It's a tear jerking story involving a Sheboygan, Wisconsin woman who just a year ago was facing serious jail time, charged with felony mayhem.

Seems that Karen Lueders used bad taste while celebrating the coming of Christmas in the Brat Capitol of the Badger State in 2010. Emotions had been running high in the greater Sheboygan area late in the fall after one of the best ever Bratwurst Days on record in August, followed by a run at a NFL championship by the neighbors to the north -- da Green Bay Packers.

So it came as no surprise that fateful night of December 6th when an emotionally tipsy (and widely speculated at the time of the crime as being just plain imbibededed) Karen bit off more than she could chew, leaving yet another foul taste in the mouths of Sheboygan watchers worldwide. I realized by following this modern day story of romance, Micky and Sylvia must have seen this romance coming when they recorded their smash hit in the '50's --- "Love is Strange". So grab a brewskie youse Cheesheads at heart and chow down on some raw beef and onions. Only then can you truly savor the flavor of  true love Sheboygan style while reading the jsonline blog linked below:

Happiest of Holidays to all!!!!!

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