Sunday, February 19, 2012


One week after the surprise demise of Whitney Houston and the 54th Annual Grammy Awards, the winner the Green Scallions coveted Dead Musical Entertainer(s) of 2011 Music Video Award has been announced. Seeing as Whitney took off for Rock and Roll Heaven in 2012, her works were not eligible this year, but should be in the running in 2013.

Just as the Academy Awards prevail over the Golden Globes as the most sought after awards in the movie industry, the Scallions Award for Musical Excellence overshadows the Grammy Awards worldwide. Three diverse popular musicians who write for Scallions ( 'Lil Ticklebone, Ms. Lilly Whiteass, and The Greying Gay Cowboy from Chaska) selected this years winner based upon the group's creativity in a musical video with goal of (what else?) changing the world.

Spokesperson for the writers, Ms. Whiteass confided with music critics on a worldwide video conference call that Scallions writers were unanimous in their selection of the Kingston Trio stating, "it's rarity nowadays any white straight guy groups are given recognition for anything. We figured from a diversity standpoint it was their time, but that's what these posthumous things are for".

Even though it's believed Bob Shane, one of the three original members of the KT is still breathing, the Scallions staff felt that a 2/3 deceased majority qualified them for this tribute.

Scallions research team found the last time any white male straight group of three or more members was given such esteemed recognition was in 1984 when the Four Lads were inducted into the Canuk Musical Hall of Fame. The Lads were best known for that 1953 heart stopper, chart topper of "Istanbul, not Constantinople".

So press the start arrow below and sit back, roll a joint (even if it's for medicinal reasons) and enjoy the sounds and sights of this years winner:

Special thanks to Dave, Bob, and Nick, the original members of the KT and all their clones who still perform for their hits under the group's name. As they said at the Grammys, "I'lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll always love youhuhuhuhu"!

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