Friday, November 11, 2016


PRESS RELEASE: New Pickleball Shoes

Scallion's Senior Sport Shoes, the brand that old people have counted on for athletic footwear for almost a century is proud to introduce the long awaited Hot Neon Dillys  for the purists of the pickleball crowd. The Dillys will be available for purchase on April 1, 2012.

Trying not to confuse seniors when ordering on-line, the Dillys are sold as one size, one color fits all using the Scallions patented versatile fully cinchable velcro straps. This technology is the industry leader and the pride of the Company since the 1920's introduction the top selling Shuffleboard Shufflers. The straps allow anyone from size 37AA male to  size 2 woman's, with or without bunions, hammer toe, ingrown toenails, etc., to tighten or loosen to meet the comfort level of each player. The patented velcro strap eliminates the need for the aging pickleballer to remember to tie their shoestrings.

A pair of  Dillys will sell on line for slightly under $200. Just last week, basketball shoe enthusiasts pummeled one another at a Florida Foot Locker store to get a pair of the new Foamposite Galaxy One sneakers which only feature glow in the dark soles. These were selling in the same price range as the Dillys.

On line orders for Dillys qualify for free shipping, so the old people don't have to worry about driving to the mall, parking between the yellow lines, and getting mugged. All you have to do is fire up your handy Tandy 100 computer and search to order.


Dilly owners are encouraged to personalize their footwear. Shown on the picture below are several examples of how our staff members enhanced the look of their Dillys. Notice the shoe to your right (left shoe) which belongs to Jane from the mail room. Her Dilly shows off what would appear to be a pair of her favorite classic sweet & sour earnings.  

At 77 years old, Dick works closely with Jane in the mail room. Dick is a guy's guy -- a strong proponent of male enhancing sexual performance drugs. His Dilly on the left (right shoe), trying to snuggle up to Jane's Dilly speaks for itself.

If customization is not your gig, other pickleball players will still seek you out to be on their team. Notice how the flashy color of the standard Dilly contrasts sharply with the black rubber soles. The oft injured "Jake the Jock" from the warehouse, pictured below, shows off that macho look with an ace bandage on a fake ankle sprain (left foot). His right foot shows his best dressed up look featuring "gold toe" socks to accent his Dilly. Socks like these should be worn to impress other players at the Villages that you can afford the right athletic gear.  He rounds out his pickleball fashion statement wearing his low slung, down to the butt crack basketball shorts. Way to go Jake!

Pictured to the right of Jake is Brunehilda, our own Queen of the Franks lead forklift operator. Here she's showing off that Euro ladies look with her unshaven leg hair and her strong pickleball thighs. Take no prisoners you sultry Hun!