Thursday, April 11, 2013


The 99% are digging in, refusing to pay the high prices charged by traditional universities by getting degrees  through on-line schools and community colleges. Sick people are now willing to travel to Uganda for a heart transplant as they save money to enjoy side trips while there. Now, the bridal business is being brought to task by a national restaurant icon by offering a destination wedding for frugal fathers like me. Click on the  link below for details:

This is no yoke -- the home of the "Grand Slam" breakfast has come up with a creative way of having a cheap destination wedding. If you're a fiscally conservative (cheap) dad like me with a daughter who is thinking trendy destinations when her big moment arrives, the Denny's destination is for you. It's cheap, and it's Vegas baby, and it's dirt cheap! So as you are paying back your little angel's student loans while she lives with you rent free, know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel thanks to Dennys. Someday she may thank you for to sending her off with a wedding day she'll never be able to forget as you start putting money aside for long term health care insurance.

Several prominent wedding planners have weighed in already with Scallions. Franck Egglehoffer, for example, who played charismatic wedding planner in the 1991 hit  movie Father of the Bride believes this will cost many jobs for dressmakers, cake bakers, etc. "We cannot continue on in this country by loosing high paying manufacturing jobs such as these. Fortunately for me, I retired from the business years back after making lots of money off those overindulging moms and dads. I now work with about half of those same parents and their children planning divorce celebrations.

Other industry experts disagree. An unidentified spokesman for Real Man Weddings, based in West Allis, Wisconsin thinks the time has come for cheap weddings. "My gosh, you can't even get basic raw beef and onions on a paper plate as an appetizer anymore  -- today it's called beef tarter or trotter or something like that and it costs a fortune! My clients are just looking for a way to get the little miss hitched and off the family payroll the cheapest way possible. So, Denny's fits my clients tastes".

No matter how one feels about this trend, the Real Man Weddings spokesman is convinced that 'you can't close the barn door after the cows have run to pasture'.  "I've heard from a friend inside the nuptial industry that at least one major pancake house chain is looking at incorporating a similar offering in their new business model.  He also expects Spirit Airlines and hoteliers such Motel 6 ( the we'll leave the light on people) to put together a cheap  'air/bed and breakfast' package with the eateries".

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