Wednesday, October 2, 2013


OK. To be real honest with you news groupies, I've been in the pits about blogging since the snow  melted here in Minnesota.  No releases since April must be disappointing to you, but please understand I've been struggling to find suitable material.

While on sabbatical, I cleansed my palate with fun stuff -- spending time with my wife, 3 daughters,  5 grandsons, playing softball with a bunch of  old guys, volunteering, driving to Starbucks on a sunny mornings with the top down. Yes, my "Life is Good".

But the real news of the day keeps coming, doesn't it?  Like it or not, you can't run. You can't duck. You can't hide. It's reality news 24 hours a day.

Just a few days back I awoke to the  news that the Federal government shutdown. Guess it's something to do with health care laws already in place, budget deficits. Seems like two groups of 6 year old girls taunting one another on a playground, pointing fingers at each other while chanting "na naha na na boo boo".

As season 4 of Green Scallions season begins,  I hope to provide a few laughs into the abyss we live in. Maintaining my sense of sick humor is a way of me keeping sane in a world that seems to be spinning out of control.

Beside Mondays good tidings from the Feds, here are some other sicko news blips which have taken place since my last blog of April:   -- nerve gas in Syria, the Blade runner, the groping Mayor of San Diego, Detroit bankruptcy, A-Rod, Ariel Castro, Lamar Odom aka. Mr. Chloe Kardashian, pending debt ceiling crisis again, Bacholeorette suicide, Snowden, Navy Yard shooting leaves 12 dead.

Want more? Boston Marathon bombing,  Ryan Braun, Dennis Rodman our new self appointed Ambassador to North Korea, 13 wounded in gang shooting in Chicago park, al - Shabab  Kenya Mall massacre,  Andrews Weiner getting beat by 4 other candidates in N.Y mayoral primary,  Jesse Jackson, Jr. and bride go to prison, Milly Cyrus, Patriots linebacker Aaron Hernandez charged with murder, etc., etc ---

And then what about the ongoing sagas of escalating identity theft, gun control laws, U.S. Post Office money woes, texting and driving, deadbeat dads, the shrinking middle class, death by meth, naked pictures of someones daughter posted on FB,  domestic violence, political gridlock, out of control Fed budget, suicide by social media, more "coalition" troops KIA in Afghanistan,  and so many, many more.

Really too much for me to get  arms around anymore.  So, where are our heroes?  Who are our leaders? Who are our role models? What happened to the Golden Rule, civility, ethics, sensitivity, fair play, empathy, real dialogue, responsible parenting? Is there a higher power people turn to other than I-phones?

Almost 50 years back,  Barry McGuire recorded one of the first protest songs I can recall. The refrain haunts my mind today more than it did back then.  Believe it or not, back then in many ways was a more innocent time of life for us. They called it "the 60's":

"but you tell me over and over and over again my friend,
Ah you don't believe we're on the eve of destruction".

(Lyrics above from song "Eve of Destruction"recorded by Barry McGuire in 1965)

So as you await Scallions mid October season opener ("I think I am the real") or the end of the world, whichever comes first, chill out and enjoy life. If you're from my time warp nestle into your bean bag chair with your oversized Koss head phones and enjoy some Highwaymens' greatest hits.  Then reread the  AARP monthly that you've probably forgot that you already read. For you post boomers, AARP monthly is like an old peoples People which tells us which celebs from our era are having affairs, implants, birthdays, babies, divorces, and those who died mysteriously of old age.