Monday, October 21, 2013


Green Scallions is constantly on alert for significant news that sometimes is overlooked by national TV  networks, Associated Press releases, etc. Such is the case with hiphopdx, a news blog which I  faithfully follow. Just recently hiphopdx reported on a legal sparring match between two legends of the classic sound of hip hop, otherwise known as rap. Please attempt to digest this in depth reporting by reading the link below (and rereading as many times as you need to figure out what they're talking about):

Still there? Just to clarify for our post middle age followers, the difference between  between hip hop and rap, as fully explained by one well known online hiphop/rap industry encyclopedia: "Not all music that has rapping in it is actually rap music, and not all hip hop music has rapping in it".

So far, so good or confused?  If you are an older elder and can't keep up with us either have a dendrite check immediately, or if you have just accepted aging you may prefer to seek out Readers Digest on line which offers more soothing material than Scallions and uses enlarged print.

Regardless, the legal ramifications of this case are huge, and are rapidly unfolding. Scallions has added several unemployed, in debt law school grads as unpaid interns to track down other pending legal actions regarding the improper use of the following: will  i or am. As you can imagine, this may create further complications for both Will and Farrell in their suits, counter suits, etc.

So far, our crack corp of ambulance chasers have found a unified Simon and Garfunkel who plan not to sue one another for a change, but will sue anyone else who steals their trademarked words I am from their 60's hit of "I am a Rock". Same goes for Neil Diamond, who stopped puffing on a Camel when interviewed just long enough  to wheeze out few notes between breaths, "I am I Said" going to sue their sorry asses! And Yoko Ono had a meltdown, screaming out banzai after being advised on the phone that part of the title to John Lennons "I am a Walrus" may be plagiarised.

OMG! I almost overlooked IAMS dog food. Their PR department has issued this statement: "Don't mess with our trademark and don't diss us by trying to use IAMZ or IIZ". IAMS legal staff is known affectionately around their headquarters as "the pit bulls".

Because my first name is William like lots of other guys, I'm thinking about renaming myself I.AM.WILLIAM.2 (too or two or both). I'd be unique. There would  be no one else just like me. I'd be really important like Will.I.AM. Makes complete sense to me. Only downside is that I could be sued by other Williams thinking I'm pirating their names for the self serving sake of promoting my blog.    

Well, as they say in the old courtroom, "the jury is still out on this one".


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