Sunday, November 24, 2013


Since John Sousa Phillips wrote "Stars and Stripes Forever", it seems the spirit of patriotism has slipped a little, even in pop music.

An aging Britney Spears, who's career has had it's ups and downs is concerned that England's MI-5 Security Agency is using some of her best songs to intimidate Somalian pirates off the coast of Africa. These shrieking sounds have been blasted over loudspeakers on British shipping vessels thwarting these Sammy ne'er-do-wells acts of piracy. According to the link below, Spears sounds are offensive to most male ears, but seem to have a way of really spooking these particular Jack Sparrow pretenders into a rapid retreat.

Obviously, Brit has been clueless while performing a truly patriotic act. I believe, however that once her agents get wind of this, a cease and desist order will be issued against the Brits to stop usage of her tunes unless an agreement can be reached for royalty payments. As a compromise, the Brits might be willing to offer her a 20 year contract allowing them full usage rights of all current and future tunes. One would have to assume that Brit's agents would then insist that the whole British shipping armada would be renamed Brit's Brits.

In a related story, background music in Lifestyle Lift television ads has been switched to an instrumental version of "You Light up my Life". This change took place within days of Scallions critique of Debbie Boone's vexing vocal. (CLICK ON OLDER POST BELOW FOR - "WHO'S THIS LADY"). Scallions, however, officially denies any responsibility for the change.

Don't rule out the possibility that the Lifestyle Lift people will seek to market Debbie's vocal to those Somali scalawags of the high seas to combat the Britney's musical terror.


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