Saturday, December 7, 2013

Yo Brother, Who Art Thou?????????????????????????????


According to a recent Wikipedia update, Amish Mafia has begun filming a third season in the tiny Pennsylvania town of Lititz (no dipshit, it's not litshits) and should  air on the Discovery Channel sometime in 2014. In case you're like the other 99.9+% of the population who have never tuned in to this show and never will, the plot focuses on a handful of individuals who protect the Amish faithful in Lancaster County, Pa.

Sadly, just days after filming began, just down the road in the small Amish town of Ronk an unnamed, unarmed Amish horse was fatally gunned down in a drive by shooting while pulling 5 members of an Amish family in their Amish buggy as reported by AP Wire Service affiliates.

I can't believe that the producers of Amish Mafia would stoop to an act of equestrian assassination for the sake of gaining new viewers for the season 3 opener. Even the producers last name(s), Evangilista, portrays an image of purity . Hard to believe they could be involved. Then again keep in mind that Don Corleone who was a God fearing Italian Catholic in the 1972 movie The Godfather, beheaded a prized stallion belonging to an enemy and stuffed it in his bed while sleeping to send a message. Mafia today is still mafia regardless of the race, religion, or creed.
My gut tells me though this is a horsey hate crime! Horse shit you say. I'm guessing that some defrocked sect member who was banished to driving a  car grew weary of being stuck behind the parade of buggies and horse droppings on hot days during daily Ronk rush hours, snapped, and wacked the horse making a statement. So Brother, Who art Thou? Where art Thou?  Yo brother, come forward and turn thouself in!!

And from a horses perspective, check this out:



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