Friday, July 4, 2014

STREAKERS#1) Streakers Need to be Reinstated for Major League Baseball All Star Game

So the hoopla is about to start. The boys of summer will move from their preseason digs, into the stadium for the bigs. The big league wannabes have been left behind, veterans will return to tip their hats to the fans, and the newbies in the majors will claw their way to stealing second base just to keep their name on the 40 man roster. By mid season, the fan favorites will converge on Anaheim, California to celebrate their status at July 13th's MLB All Star Game. Only the best of the best will be on the field.

Numerous special activities will hype the big game for days before. From Home Run Derbies to media blitzes with players and coaches. Clinics for kids, picture taking for all. Even a reunion game is scheduled between the National and American League icons of the early 1970's. A tribute to the big guns of that place in time -- Schmidt, Jackson, Rose, Robinson, and others will be suited up to play in an old timers game --- just for the fun of it. Just because they are fit enough to do it.

Butt heroes of another kind will be missing July 13th and I can only plead as voice of reason with one Bud Selig, the Commissioner of MLB. Please Commissioner, just for this game reinstate and acknowledge officially those obnoxious naked gremlins from the 70's who provided the best entertainment in the history of the game!

Well before Jumbo Trons, Twingo ,Instant Replay, the Kissing Cam it was the streakers that brought many fans to the park. Now some of those streaker heroes, just like some of the MLB icons are fading away. Because of this, it's time that peace is made between MLB and those unsung heroes in the buff.

Sad as it may be, the rift that developed between the MLB and American Society of Streakers (ASS) in the mid 70's followed the streakers rise to popularity while using MLB fields without paying royalties. "This was no different than concession fees, or renting advertising space. We expected to be compensated by ASS for use of our fields and good name of MLB. This had nothing to do with how ASS dressed", claimed a well dressed pompous ass, unnamed spokesperson for MLB.

ASS has stated over the years that it should have been exempt from paying MLB anything stating, "we put our bodies on the line for years filling what would have been empty seats. We were harassed, sometimes abused, even arrested. We did not embarrass the game with steroids or cheating on our spouses. We never asked for a cut of the gate receipts. All we want is proper recognition at the All Star Game before we aren't able to undress ourselves. We want to participate"!

Volatile as the split may appear to be, as a close personal friend of Commissioner Selig from my days in Milwaukee as well as being in contact with ASS, I would suggest that the best solution at this time Bud would be that youse guys just add a simple yes or no question to this year's All Star ballot and let the fans decide.

So here is the question Bud?????? Should the naked ASS be allowed to perform at the year's All Star Game at Angels Field in Anaheim on July 13th. Check ____YES ____no?

FROM THE DESK OF THE SPORTS EDITOR: OK, I may seem a little biassed about legitimizing streaking at sports events, but what's the problem?

There is nothing in the definition of streaking according to Wikipedia which should strike fear into any one's heart -- "streaking is an act of taking off one's clothes and running through a public place. It is a light hearted form of public nudity not intended to shock, but rather to amuse potential spectators".

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