Saturday, September 3, 2016


OK, I have to admit it. I have been a Facebook groupie for probably ten years;  just shortly after Al Gore invented the Internet.  As I've "seniored", my social media skills have "seniled".

Years back, I setup multiple FB accounts under various names with a variety of e-mail addresses, phone numbers, bios. I believe I even had an AOL account in the mix. I had so many log-ins & passwords I couldn't keep them straight. Seems I wrote them down somewhere, but misplaced the list. If only I had Dashlane at that time.

Whenever I tried to sign in, I was demeaned by the FB Master -- " wrong name!", "wrong log in!", "wrong, wrong" wrong!!"  Oh, the shame I felt and I'm not even Catholic. So there I was, stuck in FB purgatory with no future, no past, and worst of all no FB friends.

Finally, after years of not having had contact with an elderly friend we talked over the phone and he confided that he had unfriended me thinking I had unfriended him. Tears welled up in my eyes as I thought of all the time we lost as our friendship had been unfriended by someone who thought they had been unfriended! I told him I just meant to block him, never intending to hurt his feelings.

Jeez, this story could become a new ballad for Adele, or perhaps a Country & Western juke box broken hearted hit.

So, my sincerest Scallion's sorries go out to all my many real FB friends and friend wannabes who I may have unintentionally ignored over the last 10 years.