Thursday, November 24, 2016


Late October, my owner who's nickname is Deja drove me out to a dank winter storage barn just west of the Twin Cities. Come the first nice day next spring, he'll return with that prayerful "lacamechanicalskill" look, groveling on the gravel floor, begging me to start. I've never let him down in all our years together; we are a team. He's my Deja. My nickname is Vu.

He's gone now and I'm alone in the County Fair barn reflecting on memories of the past top down season. He rarely puts the top up in summer unless there's a hundred year flood. I don't like to have the top up either. About the only other time the top is up is when we drive here for my winter hiatus. He tells me I'll be warmer with the windows closed and the top up; he wants me to be comfortable.  He takes care of me. He's my wheel man.

He kids me when he comes out to get me out of storage saying, " Vu, the view of the lead sled dog never changes". That's my life in the fast lane as a 25 year old sports car pretender, always following faster cars. Truth be told, the only time I'm ahead of anyone is if I'm the first car in line when the stoplight turns red.

Deja boosts my ego me telling me,  "Vu, your picture is worth a thousand words and you have lots of things to share with other drivers." That's me above.

My bio is on my lily white butt. Notice on the back left side of the trunk is the word Prestige. That's the  name of the Lincoln-Mercury dealership in the Twin Cities where Deja found me as a newbie in '91 when he was going through a his first mid life crisis. Above Prestige is the the word Capri. I'm a surviving member of the Mercury family of cars as shown on right side. Mercury stopped making Capri's in '94. Unfortunately, the Mercury line of cars was discontinued in 2010. They were a victim of the recession. Due to that, some cruelly refer to me as a two time looser.  Deja says "not true Vu. You are a survivor!"

My siblings though, the Fords and the Lincolns are still procreating. Some of the Fords, especially the older Probes always show me respect. Those Lincoln's though, not so much.

Sometimes people see me and confuse me with really weird old cars. "You must have a case of mistaken identity", I mutter indignantly when compared to Fieros,  Renaults, Citroens, or Amphicars.  Worst yet is when some tipsy old lady in a restaurant parking lot sees me and cackles, "that's not a Buick!" Sadly, I'm never confused for Vettes, Porsches, Ferraris or other legends. Just the same, Deja reassures me that I'm one of a kind.

A few years back, he jilted me selling me to a good friend (who, by the way, cleaned me up and bought me new treads, rag top to name a few). About five years later, he had another mid life crisis and found out I was for sale. Being the cheap Charlie he is, he bought me back for half of what he sold me for. For awhile I felt marginalized and angry with him. (keep in mind, Capri's have always been looked upon as girlie cars so we do tend to be emotional when dumped) He suggested I stop whining and get on with my car legacy. He promised he'd never leave me again even if he could double a dime. He hurt me deeply, but I still love him!

So how did we come up with the nicknames of Deja & Vu?  After reconciling, he bought us a special license plate. The "2DEJAVU" plate shown above. The plate means that we've been on two journeys together over time.  Being 25 years old now I'm considered a classic car so I do qualify for those really cool collector plates. I've been loyal to him and feel I deserve this recognition. He's all in favor, but thinks his lady might take that money from my budget and use it for her travel.

I think the "2DEJAVU" plate reminds him of his wayward 60's past, too. The Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young song, cruising the streets of Milwaukee in his Triumph TR3, Elkhart Lake, Vietnam era, Walters Tavern, etc. Sometimes I think he cracked the lug nut which holds the grey matter in place from his beer drinking days in Wisconsin when he rambles on about his long lost youth. I call those moments his reminisce abyss which I guess is becoming more common with aging Boomers

Even his daughters, #1, #2, &#3 , are embarrassed with us because of our plates. They worry that female friends think Deja is a dirty old man who hangs out at a downtown Minneapolis strip club, which is named (you guessed it ) Deja Vu. 

I also display three bumper stickers as you can see.  A M I on the right stands for Anna Maria Island, Florida which he where he his lady visit in March. They drive down there, but they are afraid to drive me.

So, what do the other bumper stickers mean, you ask? Well, think about it as you read on ----

Deja tells me that he worries about us every time we're out for a drive. I'm small. I'm special to him, as he is to me. He's a good driver, but is concerned with so many distracted drivers who cause bad accidents.

Talking on a cell phone and texting while driving are both major, inexcusable distractions that can destroy lives. Those self absorbed people who talk on their cells phones while behind the wheel and the multitasking texting drivers have to get the message! Please look closely at the other two bumper stickers and take the hint. Your driving scares me!!